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Official partner of the Czech Olympic team

Since 2009, ALPINE PRO has been the first Czech brand in history to become a partner of the Czech Olympic Team, for which we have already designed and produced seven successful unique Olympic collections.

ALPINE PRO creates Olympic collections in direct co-operation with the sportsmen thus meeting all their requirements for quality and design. The themes of the collections are sourced from the sports and cultural history of the Czech Republic.

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History of OG partnership with ALPINE PRO

Summer Olympic Games in Paris 2024

With the creation and introduction of a Paris OG collection of sports clothes for athletes and fans, we are picking up the threads of previous successful collections of clothing. In summer, we are going to present our collection for the opening ceremony of the Games on which we are working with Jan Černý, a renowned fashion designer.

The collection will refer to 1924 when one hundred years ago, and also in Paris, our athletes proudly represented our country wearing clothes with a symbol of our national flag on their chests.

Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022

Collection for the Czech Olympic Team

The essential logo of the collection for Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing was:

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We believe that sport is for everyone and we should not differentiate the opportunities of athletes. As part of this idea, we are also an official partner of the Czech Paralympic team.

ALPINE PRO has been dressing the Paralympians since the summer games in London in 2012, when it happened for the first time in history that the Czech Olympic team and the Czech Paralympic team were uniformly equipped for the world’s biggest sporting event.

We tailor each collection specifically for Paralympians so that it fits and it’s comfortable to wear.

official Partner

the Czech Biathlon Team

Czech Biathlon Union logo

Since 2008, ALPINE PRO has been the official partner for dressing the Czech Biathlon Team and the Organizing Team, as well as voluntary organisation assistants at the World Cup races in Nové Město na Moravě.

Biathlon partnership ALPINE PRO

The International Biathlon Union

International Biathlon Union logo

Since 2019, ALPINE PRO has been the official partner of the International Biathlon Union (IBU). We dress up not only the members of the Organizing Team, but also the referees for all World Cup competitions.

IBU partnership ALPINE PRO

IBU Biathlon WCH 2024 in Nove mesto na Morave

In February, Biathlon World Championships 2024 were held in Nové Město na Moravě, and ALPINE PRO has been providing clothes for a local team of organizers and volunteers for many years.

They are not the only ones to wear our garment, tough: the ALPINE PRO brand can be seen on clothes of the Czech, Slovakian, Belgian and Japanese teams, and all officials of the IBU.

Partnership with sportsmen, sports clubs & federations

More than 2.500 sportsmen represented the Czech Republic in clothing made by ALPINE PRO in many sports, e.g. judo, canoeing, Nordic combinated, karate, modern pentathlon, curling, etc.

Partnership examples

Partnership with ski resorts

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